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Photographing and Filming in Ethiopia


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Photographing In Ethiopia

A photographer may get interested in anything.At short distances. There are many things that have the potential to interest the photographer. The historical remains , the Omo valley tribes and many other places could be candidates. We can not suggest any particular program. Thus we directly forward you to the page where you can find list of all the programs in this site.Then ,we believe ,you will rest on the one you like to do which we would customize to your particular interest

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Filming in Ethiopia

We provide logistic arrangements for television, filming, and Ariel photography throughout Ethiopia. We look after the fine details of logistics, transportation, accommodation, and co-ordination, so that your crew can concentrate on their targets. Before filming and photographing permission is required. We help in the process of acquiring the permit.The application shall be submitted to the ministry at least prior 17 days of the filming. Therefore, we kindly request you to attach the details for the inquiries hereunder along with the application letter .

The following information is required to work with the Ministry and facilitate your filming permit before hand.

- The purpose of the film

- The title of the film

- Duration of shooting

- Area of filming (which part of the country is yours filming interest) - Partly, - In all regions.

- Type of film: - Feature, - Documentary (natural, historical, cultural, political, economical, social conditions, others.)

- The total production cost

- The nationality of the film participants including Passport number, - The country issuing the passport , - Their temporary and permanent addresses

- The type of transport that the crew members use (flight, needs flight permit). Meanwhile, kindly aware that the Ministry has regulations; - To submit two VHS video copies to the ministry, - To appear in person and sign.

- A list of equipments necessary for shooting before arrival is imported duty free and same will be exported on departure