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Trekking on High Lands of Ethiopia


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Ethiopia is a high land and visiting the high lands of this high land country is just magnificent.

semain trking

The hard crystalline rocks of the African block consist of granites and gneiss, and contain many valuable deposits. Parts of the Ethiopian area were once under the sea, so that there are also many sedimentary rocks, mainly lime stones and sandstones, in addition to later volcanic materials found in layers above the old crystalline rocks.


semain and babun

In some places rain has eroded the more recent rocks, exposing the original rocks, nowhere is this more prominent and stunning-than in Ethiopia’s northern Simien region. Subsequent erosion of this volcanic core has produced the dramatic highs and lows of the simians: deep precipices and gorges, tall pinnacles of jagged rock, and weird, withered landscapes.

The region includes many summits above 4,000 meters (13,000 feet), and culminates in the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dashen, which at 4,543 meters (14,901 feet), is also Africa’s fourth highest mountain.

It is not a very difficult mountain to climb and can be reached by traveling through the Simien Mountains national Park. For more on this tour visit tour programs or contact us.

In Ethiopia’s south-east lies the Bale Mountain range, which dominates the landscape as it rises from the extensive surrounding farmlands. At its epicenter is the spectacular Bale Mountains National Park, which gives unlimited opportunities to experience some fantastic mountain walks, horse trekking, scenic driving, and the chance to view many of Ethiopia’s endemic mammals and birds.

Bale trek

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