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Transportation in Addis Ababa and other major cities in Ethiopia.

There are a number of options of transportation in Ethiopia. Public buses, minibus taxis, blue taxicabs, yellow taxicabs, and rented cars.
Minibus taxis in Ethiopia are one of the most important modes of transport in the capital Addis Ababa.  They are preferred by the majority of the population over public buses and more traditional blue taxicabs because they are generally cheap, operate on diverse routes, and are available in abundance. 

All minibus taxis in Ethiopia have a standard blue-and-white coloring scheme.  Minibus taxis are usually  Toyota Hiace, but other makes, including Nissan and Mazda can be observed.  They typically can carry a maximum of 12 passengers.   The minibus driver has a crew member called a "weyala", who is responsible to boarded passengers and collect taxi charges.

To get a ride on a minibus, one has to either go straight to a minibus terminal or hail one that is passing by on the road.  In both cases, the weyala will inform potential passengers of the minibus's itinerary simply by shouting out the destination of the minibus.  It is the passenger's responsibility to assess the route the minibus is taking with respect to his/her own destination before boarding the minibus.   Minibus taxis don't have fixed stops along their route, but instead the passenger is required to inform the weyala, who in turn informs the driver to stop at a desired location.

Despite providing a living for thousands of people and cheap transportation for the masses, minibus taxis have increasingly been making the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  In a recent study, minibus taxis were implicated in 85% of all road accidents recorded in metropolitan Addis Ababa.  

This figure can be attributed to many factors:  driving over the speed limit, reckless driving, and the poor maintenance condition of the minibus taxis.  Many minibus taxi drivers  regularly chew 'chat' (a mild stimulant) to offset fatigue due to their 16-18 hour shifts.  

This leads them to be aggressive and irritable on the road.  Also recently, pick pocketing aboard minibuses is becoming a real problem. Some people also reported a robbery by minibus taxis taken at Addis Ababa Airport.Due to this the minibus service is banned from working at the airport terminal

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The advisable transport from the airport is small blue taxis that charge a high rate. Different hotels provide free shuttle service to their gusts. Shuttle service is also available from Addis Ababa airport .

Car rental service is a best option for somebody who will have lots of movement in and around the city for business or tourism.  Car rental service in Ethiopia is available from a wide range of car rental companies and Blue sky Ethiopia's customized service in this regard makes it different from others. Please contact us for reservation.