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Travel and Tour Ethiopia - Blue sky Ethiopia tour offers great Ethiopia holidays, Honeymoons & private tours to all over Ethiopia. We offer complementary Hotel and Travel Service like car rent , airport shuttle service which are fully customizable.

The southern part of Ethiopia gives a visitor a unique experience different from the Northern part of the country.The most important attractions are natural, endemic bird and animal life, unique people and culture are among the few.

Rift valley- The road to south Ethiopia takes you through the Ethiopian Rift valley, which bisects it in to two. Along the rift there are a string of about seven lakes dotting the floor of the valley and rich in fauna and flora -Lake Zeway, Lake Langano, Lake Abyata, Lake Shalla, Lake Awassa, Lake Abaya, and Lake Chamo. There are other crater lakes and wet lands as you set out of Addis Ababa along this route and encircling the Town of Debre Zeit.

Some of them are Lake Koka, Lake Bishoftu, Lake Hora , Lake Koriftu , Lake Bishoftu Gudda, and Lake Cheleleka . Lake Abyata and Shalla are found with in the territory of Abjata-shalla National Park.

Birding - This part of the country attracts interests of any bird watcher hoping to see  Ethiopia’s endemics as this area holds majority of this attraction.

Nature - The south Eastern part of Ethiopia is Known for its Beautiful National park ,Bale National park,and a natural network of cave believed to be about 15 Kilometers long. In Bale Mountains National park a visitor can trek through the pretty lowlands and spot the abundant life or search the high plateau for the world’s rarest canid , the Ethiopian wolf and many more…

Along the route to Bale there is established trek route at Adaba and Dodolla. It is heaven for horse riders too and for those who want a greater challenge the trekking connects to the Bale Mountains Park. In the south west of Ethiopia the most important National parks include Netch sar National Park, Mago National park and Omo National park.

People and culture - To the south west of Ethiopia, in what is known as the Lower Omo valley, there are a vast number of ethnic groups at short distances from each other. The Omo region is believed to be the last great wilderness on the African continent.

The Omo River, which waters the region, empties itself in Lake Turkana that is the fourth largest lake in East Africa.Some of tribes that live in the Omo and the surrounding region are the Dorze, the Konso, the Tsemai, the Benna,the Ari, the Mursi, the Hamar, the Erbore, the Geleb ( also Known as Dassanech ),the Karo, the Bume ( also known as Gnangatom ) and the Surma. Read more

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