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Travel and Tour Ethiopia - Blue sky Ethiopia tour offers great Ethiopia holidays, Honeymoons & private tours to all over Ethiopia. We offer complementary Hotel and Travel Service like car rent , airport shuttle service which are fully customizable.

Blue sky Ethiopia tour have designed and organized tour programs according o the tour duration the customer is planning to spend. Accordingly below you can see brief over view of the tour programs.
In these short tour programs details like included visits, activities,  and price can be provided  up on request.

Remark: All tours can be customized according to the visitor's need.

Half Day city Tour of Addis Ababa

Tour Code: BSET 101
Duration: Half a day
Included visits/activities
Entoto Mountains for a complete view of Addis Ababa , the neighboring small museum in ST Mary church, the National Museum where Lucy is found, Be'ata Mariam church and mausoleum -Minilik II burial place Or the Trinity Cathedral where the last Ethiopian King Haileselassie rests, Mercato the largest open-air market in Africa.

Full Day city Tour of Addis Ababa

Tour Code: BSET 102
Duration: A full day
Included visits/activities
half day tour BSET 101 plus visit to - Ethnological museum well developed and with in the compound of Addis Ababa University main campus, Zoological Natural history Museum.

Tour of Lalibela

Tour Code: BSET 103
Duration : 2 days and 3 nights
Included visits/activities
A flight to Lalibela will take you to the city of the famous group of Rock hewn churches. Only in the city of Lalibela you will see about eleven rock churches organized in to groups of three. About these churches, it is said that “their towering edifices seem to be of super human creation in scale, workmanship and concept.” In addition to these churches you will have a chance to visit Asheton Maran - found in the out skirt of the city at about 3000 meters altitude. It has very rewarding scenery. You can choose to walk or take a mule. Plus the church of Nakuteleab –another church out side of the city –will be pert of this visit.

Monasteries of Lake Tana

Tour Code: BSET 104
Duration: 1 nights and 2 days
Included visits/activities
A morning flight to the young, fast growing city of Bahirdar . Up on arrival you will drive to the Blue Nile fall. Also locally known as Tis Abay(water that smokes), to see the fall in its full might, you have to come between June and September. Bahirdar market is particularly interesting. You will see the basketry, cereals, and spices that you will find interesting. You will end the first night by going to a hill top where you will have a chance to see as the sun sets , the source of the Blue Nile and an over view of the city of Bahirdar . The second day will fully be devoted for a boat trip to some monasteries of Lake Tana . On these Islands, you will find many old and interesting paintings plus artifacts once belonging to kings and queens.

Tour of the Castle Compound

Tour Code: BSET 105
Duration: 1 night and 2 days.
Included visits/activities
A morning flight will take you to the 17c capital – Gonder. The city was a capital for about 200 years, and as a result, now stands castles of kings different in style and architecture from the old Axumite way of construction. Besides, Debrebirhan Selassie church (Due to its unique paintings is now a world heritage site.) and Qusquam church are part of the visit. For those who can spend more days more excursions can be arrenged.

Tour of Axum

Tour Code: BSET106
Duration: 2 NIGHTS AND 3 DAYS.
Included visits/activities
You fly to Axum to the place of the origin of Ethiopian ancient civilization. About six archeological sites and tourist interest spots including the Axum Obelisk will be part of this tour. The next day you will drive to either Yeha-to visit the old ruined temple built before the time of Axum. Or Debredamo Monastery (Women are not allowed) where you ascend via a 24 meters length of rope lowered down by monks. Admire the panoramic view of the surrounding, plus the beautifully decorated church.

Tour of Tigray Rock Hewn Churches (3 nights and 4 days)

Tour Code: BSET 107
Duration :3 NIGHTS AND 4 DAYS.
Included visits/activities
You fly to Axum. About six archeological sites and tourist interest spots including the Axum Obelisk PLUS EITHER, Debre Damo or Yeha Temple will be part of this tour (as describes on BSET 106 above.) Then about three rock churches from Tigray region will be selected for a visit by the tourist or we will suggest churches like Wukro ,Abreha we atsbeha and Adikesho Medhanialem. Then the tourist will pass the night in Mekele and fly back to Addis the next morning.

The Standard Historic Route by Flight

Tour Code: BSET 108
Duration: 4 NIGHTS AND 5 DAYS.
Included visits/activities
The Blue Nile fall and Half day boat trip on lake Tana to visit the nearest monasteries including URA KIDANE MEHERET.The castle compound of Gonder and Debrebirhan Selasie church, the Eleven rock hewn churches of Lalibela , the archeological sites and tourist interest spots including the Axum Obelisk and Aksum Tsion Church will be included in this tour.

Tour to Harar

Tour Code: BSET 109
Duration: 2 NIGHT AND 3 DAYS.
Included visits/activities
A morning flight will take you to Diredawa-commercial city neighboring Harar. You will then visit the walled city of Harar and its gates, museums, Rimbaud House and the market place where you will find the Oromo, Ethiopian Somali and Harari people. In the evening you will also visit the famous Hyena man performance ( A human being feeding Hyenas by his hand and mouth ) A short visit of Diredawa city including its market places will also be an addition before you fly back to Addis Ababa.

Tour of the Rift Valley Lakes

Tour Code: BSET 110
Duration: 5 NIGHTS AND 6 DAYS.
Included visits/activities
You will take a 4WD and drive southward, you will have a short photo stop at Lake Zeway, and then continue to Langano where you take your lunch and be ready for the afternoon’s Park visit. In the afternoon, you will drive in to the Abjata Shalla Park to visit the two lakes lying side by side plus some bird life. Your next stop will be at Arbaminch and before the day ends you have a chance to the interesting Dorze people their beehive shaped houses and their weavery. Then you will have another full day the morning of which is devoted for a game drive in the most scenic Netchsar national Park. There you will visit the Swaynes hartebeast and a number of Zebres, About two hours boat ride on Lake Chamo also gives you a refreshing and inspiring experience. You will visit interesting bird activities and the crocodile market plus Hippos. On your way back, you will need a half-day for Wendogenet , its hot spring, plus a walk with in the forest . The next morning the Awassa Lake and the fish market where you observe a number of birds will be part of the tour.

Brief Tour of Omo Valley Tribes

Tour Code: BSET 111
Duration: 5 NIGHTS AND 6 DAYS.
Included visits/activities
You will fly to Arbaminch or use a 4X4 and drive to south Ethiopia.If you fly a 4WD will be waiting for you at Arbaminch and immediately you will drive to Turmi . On your way you will visit the Erbore tribes at their village. The next day you will drive to the Omorate village to see the Dassenech tribe who live on the other side of Omo river. On your way back you will see Turkana lake and its aquatic life. On same day you will visit the Hammer tribe. The next morning you will drive deep in to the Mago national park area where you will meet the Mursi people. (Those people that put clay on their lips).As you drive back to Arbaminch, you will meet the Konso people and the Weito people. Their traditional terracing system changes the scenery( the new UNESCO world heritage Listed site). On your next day you will have a game dive in to the Netch Sar national park. In the afternoon you will have a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see exotic bird life, crocodile market and Hippo.

Melkakunture, Adadimariam, Tiya Steles

Tour Code: BSET 112
Duration: ONE DAY
Included visits/activities
Melaka Kunture is an archaeological site near the Awash River. Stone tools dating back from 1.5 -1.8 million years were discovered there. Another rock-hewn church believed to have been constructed by King Lalibela .Also the Tiya stele Park a site recorded by UNESCO as world heritage site will also be part of this tour.

Ambo and Wonchi Crater Lake

Tour Code: BSET 113
Duration : 2 NIGHT AND 3 DAYS
Included visits/activities
Magnificent landscape, volcanic hot springs surrounded by lawns and shade trees awaits you in Ambo-The place of the Ethiopian famous mineral water –AMBO MINERAL WATER. Between the town of Ambo and Weliso you will see Wonchi - the Switzer land of Africa -Beautiful with Islands and Peninsula with alpine vegetation. And the small monastery ST. KIRKOS on the Island-Next to lake Tanganyika, the water in Lake Wonchi is the second in its purity in Africa.

Bale mountains and soaf Omar Cave

Tour Code: BSET 114
Duration : 4 NIGHTS AND 5 DAYS
Included visits/activities
The Bale mountains National park is one of the most beautiful parks with rich endemic plants and animals. It is often called an Island in the air . At Dinsho, where you pay entrance fees for the national park you can visit the Mountain in Nyala and Kudus in the surrounding compound. As you make a game drive in the national park you have a chance to visit the Ethiopian Endemic red fox on Senete Plateau, Tullu Dimtu mountain peak and Harena Forest is another attraction of the area . An excursion drive to Sof Omar Cave will end your visit. The cave is one of the most sophisticated natural caves in Africa , it is said to be about 15 Kms Long.

Bale Trekking

Tour Code:BSET 115
Duration : 6 NIGHTS AND 7 DAYS
Included visits/activities
Up on arrival in Bale, you will start your trek towards Moraro Mountains, and continue to Wassama Valley, climb Batu and make your camping near Gebreguracha Lake, and then you will ride across Senetea Plateau and meet your vehicle to drive back
Remark:At one day extra , Excursion to Sof Omar cave can be added to this tour . Or at two days extra you will include Awash Park

Semien Mountains Trekking

Tour Code:BSET 116
Duration : 6 NIGHTS AND 7 DAYS
Custom: Yes , This tour can be customized
Included visits/activities
Up on arrival in Gonder you will have a city tour of the castle compound and Debrebirhan Selassie church, and then you will drive to Debark, make some preparations for camping and continue to Sankaber . Then trek to Gich and then continue to Chenek , where your two days trekking ends
Remark:This tour can be combined with an excursion to Gorgora or the remaining historic sites like Bahirdar, . Lalibela and Axum or Even to Tigray Rock churches.

Arbaminch,Konso and Yabello Tour

Tour Code: BSET 117
Duration:6 NIGHTS AND 7 DAYS
Included visits/activities
Here you will visit the Dorze people and Netchsar National park or optionally the Crocodile market (On Chamo Lake). Then you will continue to Konso, visit the chief's compound, and continue to Yabello. At Yabello you can visit El sod Crater Lake and if possible at Wenago, Tutu Fella Stele park ( Sometimes difficult to find the local office permit), plus lake Awassa and the bird life at the fish market.

Adaba-Dodolla Horse Trekking

Tour Code:BSET 118
Included visits/activities
Up on arrival at Dodolla -the place where you will get ready for your trekking, then you will go to Wahoro, then continue to Angafu and then to Adele, to Mololicho ,and further to Duro then back to Dodolla and pass your night at Wendogenet resort. You take natural hot spring shower and finalize your trip at Addis.

Tour of the Tribal Ring /Omo Valley tribes

Tour Code: BSET 119
Duration: 8 NIGHTS AND 9 DAYS
Included visits/activities
This program will make it possible for you to visit many of the tribes found in the Omo valley. The Erbore, Hammer in Turmi, the Geleb in Omorate, the Karo in Murulle, Again the Hammer in Dimeka ,the Ari in Jinka , the Mursi in Mago , the Konso and Dorze people.

Market oriented Tour of Omo tribes

Tour Code: BSET 120
Duration: 8 NIGHTS AND 9 DAYS
Included visits/activities
A flight to Jinka on Wednesdays will make this market oriented tour a reality. First, you will visit the beautiful living compound of the Ari people with their scenic and green surrounding. Then you will drive to Key Afer for Thursday Market of Ari and Benna people, then you will continue to Mursi , and be back to Dimeka to meet Benna and Hamer people on Saturday market. Your over night will be at Turmi , which will allow an excursion trip to Omorate for Geleb people and their every day market. In the afternoon, you will explore the Hamer village. On Monday you will have a chance to explore the Monday Hamer market. Then after visiting the Erbore people and Konso's chief compound you will continue to Arbaminch for the next early morning visit of Dorze people and on Wednesday you are back in Addis.

Rift Valley Birding

Tour code :BSET 121
Duration:10 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS
Included visits /activities
You start your birding at Gefersa reservoir ,then continue to Chelekleka wet land,making road side birding to Awash National park;Full day birding in the park ,Koka Dam, Zeway Lake, langano , Lake Awassa;Abjata –shalla Lakes National park for lesser and greater flamingoes ,road side to Wendogenet for wood land birds. Then you will have a full day birding at Wendogenet ( Forest birds), and another full day at Lake Awassa .
Ethiopia is one of the richest in Bird life representing 9.5 % of the world’s and 39% of Africa’s birds.For a very great number of Flamingoes it is also possible to drive to Chitoo from Awassa. Another additional day allows the visitor to enjoy the tropical rain forest birds of Bishangari (Probably the only forest left in the main Ethiopian Rift system)

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