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Short Excursion Tour from Addis Ababa


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Visit Addis Ababa, and other tourist destinations at short distance from Addis Ababa

Wide tree-lined streets, fine architecture, glorious weather make Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, a delightful place to explore. It is a city of surprise characterized by remarkable diversity and contrasts. more.

Whatever your reason when coming to Ethiopia, you can spare few days to explore the surrounding tourist interest destinations at short distance from Addis Ababa.

There are a number of places to visit at a short distance from the capital. For a customized tour to these places or to get detail information for a suitable  package please contact us.

Some of the must be visited places in this short excursion  include

  • Blue Nile Gorge, Debre Libanos Monastery and Portuguese Bridge
  • Debre Zeit
  • Zikuala Mountain and Gebre Menfes Kidus Monastery
  • Mt. Entoto and Sululta Rolling Plain
  • Sodere Resort Center
  • Addis Alem Debre Tsion Mariam Church and Menagesha Forest
  • Adadi Mariam Cave Church
  • Melaka Kunture archaeological site
  • Tiya stele Park a site recorded by UNESCO as world heritage site
  • Town of Ambo and Wonchi crater lake
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Tour to Wonchi crater lake

Magnificent landscape, volcanic hot springs surrounded by lawns and shade trees awaits you in Ambo-The place of the Ethiopian famous mineral water –AMBO MINERAL WATER.

Between the town of Ambo and Weliso you will see Wonchi - the Switzer land of Africa beautiful with Islands and Peninsula with alpine vegetation

lake Wonchi , Ethiopia

And the small monastery ST. KIRKOS on the Island.Next to lake Tanganyika, the water in Lake Wonchi is the second in its purity in Africa. Tour to this fascinating place can be customized from a minimum of 2 day and one night. For more information please contact us.