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Addis Ababa = New Flower

Wide tree-lined streets, fine architecture, glorious weather make Addis Ababa, the Ethiopian capital, a delightful place to explore. It is a city of surprise characterized by remarkable diversity and contrasts. Addis Ababa was in effect ‘founded’ in 1886, when Emperor Menelik II’s consort, queen Taytu, asked her husband for a piece of land on which to build a house at the foothills of the Entoto mountains, where Menelik has his camp. The fertile area was the site of hot springs, to which the queen and many of the courtiers spent much of their time traveling. In the same year queen Taytu gave the settlement its name; Addis Ababa, literally meaning ‘New Flower’ in Amharic which is the official language of the country.

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Places to visit in Addis Ababa

The National Museum, where you find Lucy, the 3,2 million years old complete fossil and other archeological finding dating back to 5.8 million years old together with Royal artifacts and paintings is a worth to see.

The Ethnographic Museum, located in the former palace Salon and the present compound of Addis Ababa University is the right place to explore the different cultural values, customs and also musical instruments of different tribes of the country.

The trinity cathedral the resting place for the last King of Ethiopia and his family

Addis Ababa

The Emperor Menelik II Mausoleum, the resting place for the mentioned King his wife and daughter ,

Mercato The grand open-air Africa’s market,

Entoto, the former Capital of the country which has got the old palace of Emperor Menelik and the best preserved Museum which has got the artifacts of the Royal family

Addis Ababa and its night life

Addis Ababa night life centers round the bars and casinos, which make up the vibrant nightlife of the city. Nightlife in Addis Ababa also includes cinemas, theatres and pubs, which provides entertainment till late night. Nightlife in Addis Ababa starts at around 11:00 p.m. and continues throughout the night. The clubs the bars of Addis Ababa serve the national drink of Ethiopia, 'tej', which is made from honey. They also serve another beer like drink, 'tela'. Apart from these, all other drinks are also available at the bars and pubs of Addis Ababa.

Dinning in Addis Ababa

Eskesta-ethiopian cultural dance

People and the life style is simple and inviting to visitors.The great thing is that most prices for visitors are probably the cheapest of any Capital city in the world. You can do and see it all in this fascinating and busy city.

A little further a field from Addis Ababa there are a number of interesting spots for the photographer, the hiker, the historian, the archaeologist, and the naturalist. such as the 3,000-meters (9,840 feet) high Entoto mountains just lining over the north of the city.

There are five high roads that get out of the capital Addis Ababa each of them having their own unique points of interest for the tourist.

The road to Bahirdar and Gonder has Debrelibanos Monastery , Portuguese Bridge and the Blue Nile Gorge all of which can be visited in a single day.

The Ambo road has Menagesha Forest, Ambo and Wonchi Crater lake.On the road to Dessie there are places like St.Michael Rock church,Legedadi,Ankober,and Tarmaber pass.

On the Road to Jimma one can visit Melka Kunture Archaeological site,Adadi Mariam and Tiya steles. The rift Valley road has Zeway, Langano, Abjata , Shalla , and Awassa lakes all of which are rift valley lakes.Also Wendogenet Resort can be visited on this road.On the road to Awash,which turns to Nazareth and Harar at the junction city of Modjo, one can visit Sodere recreation center and Awash park.

The unlimited attractions and enjoyment places of the city can be visited in a half or full day tour of Addis Ababa. To find out more please click here.