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Blue sky Ethiopia tour have designed and organized tour programs according to the tour duration the customer is planning to spend. Accordingly below you can see brief over view of the tour programs.
In these long tour programs details like included visits, activities,  and price can be provided  up on request.

Remark: All tours can be customized according to the visitor's need.

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Tour Code: BSET 301
Duration: 26 NIGHTS AND 27 DAYS
Included visits/activities
This tour covers the southern and northern part of Ethiopia following the route of the tribal ring and the historic attraction. Your first stop from Addis is Langano to see the neighboring Abjata Shalla Park, and then you will continue to Arbaminch and explore the village of Dorze people. At Dorze you will visit the beehive shaped houses of the people and their local handicraft works. Another full day at Arbaminch to cover both game drive with in the scenic Netch Sar national park and a boat ride on lake Chamo is necessary.
What is often called the crocodile market, the hippos and a beautiful bird activity is part of the boat ride. Konso is the next point of interest where you will visit the traditional terracing system of the people, their villages like the New York (the Natural Ruggedness of the land makes the village appears like the New York City) and the compound of the Konso chief. Jinka is your next stop while on the road visiting the people of Tsemay at Weito, up on arrival you will directly continue to Ari village. Their compound is one of the most neat and attractive to eyes, their villages too is filled with fruity plants and coffee tree.

Your next move will take you deep in to the Mago national park, first you will go in to the Mursi villages. These people are one of the extra ordinary people. They put clay on their lips and the men bear scarifications on their bodies. Today you will camp for the first time. Crossing throughout the Mago national park, you will head towards Murulle for Karo people who adore painting themselves in the image of the plumage of the guinea fowls and then to Omorate for the people of Geleb and towards Turmi for the people of Hamer .

If your arrival at Turmi lies on Monday, it will be a big opportunity to explore the people on their market day. Other people like Karo and Dassanech will be available in the market. You will drive back to Konso meeting the people of Erbore, and you will continue to Yabello to the Borena people. At El sod Crater Lake, the Borena men, using stick and their hands and diving in to the marshy lake, extract salt for their animals. Dublock Singing well will also be visited, and you will drive to Awassa through the international road that connects Ethiopia and Kenya. On the way you might visit the Tutu Fella archaeological site. At Awassa visiting the fish market, you will directly drive to Awash for the park and Awash fall.

Then you will cross the region of the Afar people and go into the region of the Northern Amhara people. From Kombolcha you will drive to Lalibela to the place of the famous rock hewn churches and the outlying churches. Through the spectacular view region of Ambalague and Alamatta , you will arrive at Mekele. Visiting about three Tigray rock Hewn churches and adding Yeha and Debredamo , you will arrive at Axum to visit the stele site and other important points. As you drive south to Gonder, you will pass through the most dramatic chain of mountains (The Semien ) and Tekezie Gorge. Visiting the city of castles, you will hurry for a half-day boat trip on Lake Tana to visit some nearby monasteries in the Island. Morning you will visit the Blue Nile falls and in the afternoon you are in Debrmarkos, then the Blue Nile Gorge, Debrelianos Monastery, and end your trip in Addis visiting the largest Open-air market MERKATO.

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Tour code : BSET 302
Duration: 27 NIGHTS AND 28 DAYS
Included visits/activities
A flight to Gonder will commence your long tour of birding. Up on arrival in Gonder you will drive 60 KMS to Gorgora , the northern shore of Lake Tana. In the garden near the hotel you will pass a fascination birding day.The following day , a pre breakfast birding on the same garden and continue by boat to Bahirdar.On your way you will stop at some peaceful Islands which are known to be rich in birds. The next day you will fly back to Addis.

An early morning drive to Menagesha forest allows birding of a few varieties of resident and endemic species including the Black Headed forest Oriole.At mid day we drive to Sebeta town for lunch.Then we proceed to Welkite ,having a lot of stops on the road side.An early drive to Gibe Gorge for a great number of birds, then Addis for Over night.

Another excursion drive to Debrelibanos via Sululta Plains will give an opportunity to see a variety of Afro tropical species .Making our over night in Lemi (Camping) we proceed to Jemma Valley . Today our target would be the endemic Harwood’s Frankolin. Over night Debrebirhan. After an early breakfast we head for Ankober , where the Ankoner serine has been recently discovered. This route is one of the best productive birding routes in Ethiopia. Over night Addis.

Drive to Awash National park. On our way we stop at Chelaklaka Wetland near Debre Zeit where we see a great number of ducks, and few arboreal species. A full day birding in the superb low lands of Awash national Park . With few stops on the road we continue to Zeway for water birds. From Zeway we proceed to Bishangari –the only tropical rain forest left in the main Ethiopian Rift system(More than 200 bird species recorded) .Our next birding spots will be Wendogenet,Goba,Senete Plateau,Soaf Omar ,Negelle, Bogol Mayo, Arero, Yabello, Arbaminch via Konso, Netch Sar Park, Awassa, Chitoo, and finally Addis Ababa.


Tour Code :BSET 303
Duration 70 NIGHTS AND 71 DAYS
Included visits /activities

Driving straight from Addis, we begin our long trip in the eastern part of Ethiopia from the old walled town of Harar (15th century). This is the town, which is regarded by Muslims to be the 4th holiest place next to Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem. The old wall, the curious Hyena man performance, Arthur Rimbaud’s House, Harari or Adere people, their colorful baskets and jewels, and the beautiful Argoba people are among the most important things to be visited in and near Harar. Coming back from Harar is Awash National Park and Awash falls. Then, we head into the Afar region and camel trek in the moonlight in this nomadic land to see the magnificent living volcanic eruption at Ertale. This is really extraordinary place. And for the visitor it is once in a lifetime experience.

After this we drive to the North of Ethiopia to visit a wide range of cultural and natural attractions. This includes the rock hewn churches of king Lalibela (12th century), Dallol core rock formation, (N.B. Dallol is one of the lowest points on the earth’s surface which dips into over 112 m.b.s.l) the old Tigray rock churches, the famous granite monolithic stele, the ruined palaces, subterranean tombs, stone inscriptions and other archaeological sites of Axum (from around 1st c AD) the fascinating Simien Mountains National Park, with its endemic fauna and flora superlative natural beauty, (World heritage site) the famous castles of Gonder (17th century), the medieval Island monasteries of Lake Tana with their beautiful murals, paintings, parchment books, crosses and other ecclesiastical treasures.

Then we proceed to Addis Ababa visiting on the way the spectacular Blue Nile Gorge and Debre Libanos monastery (13th century)

From Addis we continue to the western, southern and Omo valley different tribes which includes visit of the Neur, the Anuak, the Surma, the Dorze, the Konso, the Tsemay, the Erbore, the Benna the Ari, the Hammer, the Karo, the Bume the Mursi and other tribes, their costumes, ornaments, body beautification, villages, colorful markets etc.

Then, we visit the Bale mountains national park - the largest moorland in Africa, the spectacular Sof Omar natural cavern, the rift valley lakes and their abundant bird life, Melka Konture archaeological site to end our tour in Addis and seal it with a traditional celebratory dinner.