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Addis Ababa airport, which is found in the capital city of Ethiopia, is one of the main hub for Africa. The customs authority of Ethiopia have a special custom regulation for any visitor in relation to hard currency and valuable stones movement to/from Addis Ababa  Bole international airport or any other port of entry or exit.

Accordingly, passengers getting in to and out of this airport or other international entry points in Ethiopia are required to follow below summarized procedures related to hard currency.

  1. All visitors must declare the amount of hard currency they are bringing in to the country at time of arrival. Therefore, any cash amount exceeding US$ 1000.00 or equivalent for Ethiopian nationals, and US$ 3000.00 for foreign nationals must be declared at the customs office on arrival. Declaration forms are available from the customs desk.
  2. Any passenger departing from Addis Ababa airport or other exit cannot take out undeclared hard currency exceeding the equivalent of US$ 1000.00 for the locals, and US$ 3000.00 for foreign nationals. 
  3. Any amount, same , equal to or less than  the declared amount while entering to the country , can be taken out with out any problem. Passengers will be requested to show the declaration form to take out the brought in money. Foreign nationals will not be requested to show declaration form if they have a cash amount less than US$ 3000.
  4. All transiting passengers who will be in transit for less than 24hrs are not required to declare the currency they are having with them. However if they plan to stay more than 24hrs they must declare the amount they have at the customs office in the airport.
  5. If a passenger is found having excessive undeclared currency (exceeding the above amount),   while departing from the exit point, he/she will go under customs investigation and the currency will be confiscated.
  6. It is not allowed to take more than 200 Birr (the local currency of Ethiopian ) through any international exit from Ethiopia.

Visitors to Ethiopia are highly recommended to read all available resources on related issues and other tips for travelers to Ethiopia.

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