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The Land of thousand miles’, home of the Ark of Covenant, custodian of some of the world’s oldest civilizations, a tourist Paradise, beautiful, secretive, mysterious. Above all things, it is a country of great antiquity, with a culture and traditions dating back more than 3,000 years- this is Ethiopia.

The travelers in Ethiopia make a journey through time, transported by beautiful monuments and the ruins of edifices built long centuries ago. Many visitors know Ethiopia for its splendid rock-hewn churches and colorful ceremonies, symbolic of the Ethiopian Orthodox church. Perhaps best known are Lalibela’s amazing assemblage of rock churches- often referred to as the ‘eighth wonders of the world’

Historic Ethiopia


Ethiopia is truly a land of contrast and extremes; a land of remote and wild places. Some of the highest and most stunning places on the African continent are found here, such as the ruggedly- carved steeples and spires of the Simien Mountains, one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites- and some of the lowest, such as the hot but fascinating Danakil Depression, with its sulphur fumaroles and lunar-like landscape.

Ethiopia nature

Ethiopia is old beyond imagination. More than three million years ago, one of our first ancestors walked that portion of the earth that is now Ethiopia; Lucy (Dinkenesh to Ethiopians), meaning ‘ wonderful’. The remains of this ‘first human’- an almost complete hominid skeleton- were discovered in 1974 at Hadar on the Awash river in Ethiopia’s barren and forbidding Danakil region.  The fascinating people and their culture is  also one of the unique features of this part of the world which amuse visitors and make them to question what really beauty is.

Ethiopia culture

One of the most striking geographical features of the country, the great Rift Valley, is home to a chain of beautiful lakes, around which many of Ethiopia’s national parks are centered. The widely varying habitats, which include mountains, lakes deserts, savannahs, and everything in between, host and astonishing array of wildlife and bird life, many of which are endemic; unique to Ethiopia. Experiencing the real Ethiopia with Blue sky (B.S) is just pleasing.  For life time experience visit our tour programs which can give you more detailed activities and included visits of your desired tour. The programs are categorized in to three groups depending on the duration of the tour.

Featured Tours

Historic Route Tour - The well-defined ‘historic route’ through northern Ethiopia forms the core of the country’s tourist industry. It is probably no exaggeration to say that 90% of travelers to Ethiopia base the bulk of their itinerary around this circuit, and rightly so.

There is nothing in Sub-Saharan Africa and in a sense nothing else in the world that prepares the visitor for the wealth of historical and cultural treasure, both ancient and living, contained in Northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia historic route tour

The Denakill, or Dallolr, depression and Erta Ale volcano - Danakil encompasses a good portion of the eastern part of the Tigray region, is one of the earth’s hottest and most inhospitable places, with many points more than 100 meters (328 feet) below sea level and noon-time temperatures soaring above 50 degree Celsius (122 degree Fahrenheit).

The Erta Ale volacano is one of the worlds most exciting places to visit. At this place you enjoy the lava and the fountains jumping in the night, as well in the morning and explore the overflown lava of the last years.

Omo Valley - The cultural variety, which is a result of immense tribal differences, can be seen among the individual tribes who are rich in culture and a variety of dialects.

Blue sky ethiopia takes you in to the commonly known tribal ring or southe Ethiopia classical culture tour. This place is situated in and around the Omo Valley with its popular ethnic treasures. This is where about 50% of Ethiopia's ethnic groups live

Omo Valley - Hammer

Addis Ababa – The main entry point and the capital city of Ethiopia is delightful place to explore. It is a city of surprise characterized by remarkable diversity and contrasts.

Places to visit include ,The National Museum, where you find Lucy, the 3,2 million years old complete fossil and other archeological finding dating back to 5.8 million years old together with Royal artifacts and paintings is a worth to see.

Addis ababa
Mercato The grand open-air Africa’s market, The trinity cathedral, Entoto Mountain, and others are worth visiting for some one who have short time in Ethiopia.  


B.S.E.T is also specialized in full arrangement for short stay and transiting passengers in Addis ababa. For more on this visit the transiting Ethiopia link.

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The company is known for its excellent service and attractive price. To get your free information on your desired tour and travel to Ethiopia, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated staffs are always on line to handle your request as much as possible.

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